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How to book a flat on this site

If you have chosen one of our offers and would like to reserve the accommodation you liked, it is easy.

  1. Hover “Mouse” on the date of your arrival, press once. All days before the chosen date will immediately become unavailable (if it did not happen, then the system has not fixed your first date and you need to click again on the date of arrival once).
  2. Then hover the “arrow” on the date when you plan to leave and also press once. All dates of your stay will be highlighted.
    If for any reason you accidentally clicked on the wrong date just refresh the page (the update icon is next to the address bar of your Internet browser and usually looks like an unfinished circle with an arrow or two directed arrows). Then select the correct date again.
  3. After you have selected dates, in the Visitors window, select the number of peoplewho will live in this accommodation.
  4. The line above “total cost for selected days” will reflect the amount of your lease.
    Fill in the other fields – name, surname, phone and email address and click the “Send” button at the bottom of the “questionnaire”.
  5. The system will offer you to pay for the reservation (part of the rental cost) through the PayPal service.
  6. If you do not have an account on Pejpale, save the order parameters (link to the announcement page, arrival and departure date, rental price and number of visitors) and contact the website administration via e-mail or Skype: ARENDABCN to learn about additional The opportunity to pay for the reservation.
    If you have any questions about the chosen accommodation, or you need other information on the object, you can not make an order or you liked the object, but not quite understandably busy or free, the experts of our site will answer any questions. You can also send your request for accommodation and our specialists will help you to find the appropriate option.
    Email us at: info@moreryadom.net